Everything we do is based on a simple philosophy:
One Planet, One People, One Future

Our Planet

Planet Earth is the only one we have to support us. We like it, it’s our home. If we as individuals and business are to continue to develop and to enjoy life, we have to work within our planetary systems boundaries.

One Planet Limited translates the science behind this into the implications for business. We help business understand the risks and opportunities to create value from these trends.

Our People

Old divisions are obsolete. We will be part of a global population of 9 Billion by 2050, all neighbours on our small planet. It is clear that we must learn to live within our means and well with each other.

One Planet Limited helps achieve this through building accountability, transparency and integrity. We translate human rights into actionable steps business can take.

Our Future

Our vision is clear – work with each other and within our planetary systems to create; thriving societies, economies that value our mutual interests and people that are healthy, safe and have a sense of wellbeing.

One Planet Limited supports businesses to implement and adjust business models to align to this vision.

What Drives Us?

Huge opportunities are here for those companies willing to adjust business models and practices to recognise the scale and speed of change required to put us on a more sustainable path.

Our vision for the future is not utopian, yoghurt knitting, tree huggery – it is a view that is widely shared and aligned to business opportunities of the future. It is clear that the planet is under stress as a result of the unbelievable success of the human race. Our economies are failing and being propped up on the basis of outdated models and vested interests. Our societies are struggling, with inequalities growing, poverty still far too widespread and unrest and conflict much too common.

We are privileged to be alive during the digital revolution which is changing our world forever, empowering individuals and breaking down traditional barriers. Our institutions and government structures were typically designed in a different time – perhaps it is time for their renewal, based on where we want to be, not where we have come from. It’s time to reinvent our place on this planet and seize the opportunities that abound from sustainable thinking.

We believe that business has the wherewithal to do this. It is powerful, flexible and driven and that is why we work with leading companies and institutions to help create positive change.

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